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Will there be changes to

A: There will be constant change as enhancements and new services are incorporated. Please comment to


Q: What does it cost to post jobs?
A: To view our pricing structure, please click here. For more information, contact



How do I post volunteer jobs?

A: now allows non-profit organizations to post volunteer jobs on our website at not charge. Click here for more information.

If you are already a subscriber, you are automatically able to post volunteer jobs on our site. The regular job posting and volunteer job posting process is one in the same. All you'll need to do to differentiate volunteer jobs is click 'My Jobs' from the menu bar on your 'My Home' page, select 'create a new job' and be sure to choose 'Volunteer' from both the job and wage type drop down lists. This insures that your job will appear on our volunteer jobs list. **Note that volunteer jobs will not appear on the 'new jobs' link from our home page.


Q: How many jobs can I post?
A: There is no limit to the jobs you can post.


Q: How long will a job remain posted?
A: However long you need it to be posted - you maintain control over the setting when you create or edit your job postings.


Q: Are there any restrictions?
A: A job must be located in Connecticut, and comply with our acceptable use policy.


Q: How long does it take for my job to appear?
A: Your job appears immediately after you make it 'active'.


Q: What's the best way to market my job to the job seekers?
A: Also, for instructions on how to visually enhance your Job Posting, please click on the help icon found at the top of your "My Jobs" page. In addition, you can purchase a banner ad or become a Featured Employer. Click here for detailed package and pricing options.


Q: How does promote its services to job seekers?
A: We have a heavy radio and internet advertising campaign, attend job fairs and trade shows, and we also form strategic partnerships that leverage our visibility.


Q: We want to attract people from out of state. Do you have job seekers "from away?"
A: In addition to having a link to from four of our out-of-state sites, many of our job seekers are out of state, looking to come back "home" or relocate.



Why should I register?

A: By registering as a Employer, you will be able to post your job openings and search the Applicant Database.


Q: How Do I set up an account?
A: Click the 'login/register' button from the menu bar. Select 'Register as an Employer' under the heading 'I would like to become a registered user'. Read the statement, if you want to continue click 'create an account' from the bottom of the page. You will be guided through the process.


Q: Do you sell email addresses?
A: will never sell your email address to a third party.


Q: What should I do if I forgot my username/password?
A: From the login page, click 'Oops, I forgot my password'.
If you forgot your password you have two options. You can obtain your password hint by entering your username and pressing the "Show my password hint" button. Alternatively, you may enter your registered email address and we will email you your username and a randomly generated password which you can use to log into your account. Once you are logged in you can then change your password by editing your Account Info. For your own security purposes, we recommend using a password that is at least eight characters and includes a minimum of one number and one capital letter.


Q: How do I update my email address or change my password?
A: In order to change the email address on your account and in our database you need to login to My Home, then click on Account Profile. Enter your new email address in place of the existing address, enter your password at the bottom of the page to confirm your changes and then click Submit.


Q: How do I review my job before I post it to the site?
A: Before adding a new job or editing a current job, you have the option to 'inactivate' your job. This will allow your to view how the job will look once posted without being visible to job seekers, allowing to check for grammatical or typo errors. To inactivate the job, simply remove the checkmark found in the POSTING INFORMATION Active box and submit. This will bring you back to the 'All your Job postings' page where you can click on the job title to review the job. Once finalized, go back into the field and hit the empty Active box to fill the checkmark back in. Once the Active box is checked, then hit 'Submit this Job' to post it to the site. The job will post to the site immediately.


Q: How do I post a job?
A: Log into your account. About halfway down the page, you will see the heading 'My Jobs'. Click 'Create New Job'. You can copy and paste information into the fields provided from existing job listings that you already have. Clicking on the blue question marks will give you specific help in posting your job.


Q: How can I keep from having to retype company information for each job posting?
A: In order to have the company info appear with each new job posting, one of the jobs you create has to be set as the 'default' (this selection is right under the 'choose dates' field when creating a new job). Using the 'This job default Contact, Job, and Company Info', The 'Education Requirements', 'Benefits', Contact, and Company information info are automatically brought into your new job. Using 'This job defaults Contact info' will only bring the contact information. Now when you click on 'create new job' all of the contact info is automatically there. When the 'default' job becomes inactive, don't delete it (it won't be visible to anyone but you)...that way you preserve the default information for all of your new postings.


Q: How do I delete a job?

To permanently delete a position:

  1. Log into your account
  2. From "My Home" click on 'all your job postings' (this is under the My Jobs heading). You will see all of your jobs listed here.
  3. Under the job number, you can click on 'edit' or 'delete'.

Clicking 'delete' will remove your job from the site.

We recommend deactivating positions rather than deleting them, in the event you want to repost the same or similar job in the future. Clicking on 'edit' will give you the option to deactivate the job. Uncheck the box next to the word 'active', hit 'submit', and the job will be deactivated.


Q: How do I edit my jobs?
  1. Click 'My Jobs' then click on "All Your Job Postings" This will bring up a list of all the jobs you've created.
  2. Click "edit" under the number of the job you wish to modify.
  3. At the top of the edit screen there is a field that says"show active job from" and then you can select the dates.
  4. Jobs can be posted as long as you need them to be. Keep in mind that if you fill the job, you should return to and inactivate the job so that people don't keep applying for the postion.
  5. (To deactivate a job posting, go to 'Edit Jobs', select the job you wish to edit, click the box next to the word Active so that the check mark is removed, and hit submit).

Q: Can I post internships?
A: Let us help you find interns by posting your Internships on Simply log in (or first create an account) and then click on 'My Jobs' then click "Create New Job." Post your internship opening and select "Internship" from the drop-down menu. After you finish, simply submit it and your internship is LIVE, ready to be seen by eager students!


Q: How do I extend the length of my job listing?

You have two options, once logged into your Job Posting page:

  1. If your job is due to expire within the next two weeks, you will see an alert on your "My Jobs" page. To renew it for 2 weeks: click on the tab - before the actual job. Once clicked, your job will be extended for 2 weeks.
  2. To extend the job longer than 2 weeks, click on the 'All Your Job Postings' page, click the tab next to the job you want to extend, change the 'to' date, and hit 'Submit this Job' to override the changes.

Q: How do I refresh a job posting?

It is in your best interest not to overdo it when it comes to refreshing. Our astute job seekers are very familiar with our site and often check it daily. They may be skeptical of a job(s) that keeps appearing as "new" every week or so. We want your company to appear in the best light; therefore we have found that refreshing no more than every 2-3 weeks is appropriate.

To refresh a job posting:

  1. From the My Home page, click on 'My Jobs' in the menu box on the left side of the screen.
  2. On the following page, click on the 'Your Job Postings' link.
  3. When the job list appears, click 'Edit' to the left of the job that you want to refresh.
  4. On the Edit Job page, uncheck the 'Active' box and click 'Post Job Now.' The position will then temporarily be off of the site and the statistics will revert to zero.
  5. You'll then be returned to the All Your Job Postings page. Immediately click on 'Edit' again to go back into the Edit Job page.
  6. Next to 'Show Active Job From,' change the start date to today and extend the end date if necessary.
  7. Check the 'Active' box and click 'Post Job Now.'

The job will now appear as new today, at the top of our job listings. To double-check this, scroll over the 'Job Search' and select 'New Jobs' from the top tool bar. The job should appear at or near the top of the list.

Please note: Refreshing job postings will return the 'Job Stats' back to 0 and remove any saved Apply Online resumes from the employer's account. If these are of importance to the employer, please have them write down their stats and resend their Apply Onlines.


Q: Can I store jobs in the event that I need to repost them?
A: Yes, you can do this by inactivating the job. This will remove it from the Job Posting page, but store it on file in your 'All Your Job Postings' page. To inactivate your job, click the tab before the job, remove the checkmark in the POSTING INFORMATION Active box and hit 'submit'. The job will list as Inactivate.


Q: How do I search the Applicant Database?
A: As a registered user, you can log into your "My Home" page and search the applicant database at anytime. "Applicant Database" is the fourth heading from the menu bar on your home page, and it is a simple search field. You can type in keywords of applicant qualifications you are interested in searching for. This searches the database of resumes and qualification summaries entered by all registered Job Seekers

You can also search for temp applicants by clicking the button below the search field.


Q: What should I use for keywords?
A: Enter keywords for the resumes you would like to see. Entering keywords as part of your search will result in links to resumes containing those words in their descriptions appearing on your results page. Keywords can be anything including a job title or skill, the name of an industry or company, or a location. Examples include programmer, SAP, telecommunications, human resources, marketing, Web Design, etc.

Define Keywords: Keywords are used to describe the applicant's skills and experience. They are intended to be used with the drop down box containing: "Any Words", "All Words", "Exact Phrase" or "Boolean Search". Enter nothing in "Keywords" click on submit and all jobs are returned.

Use "Any Words" drop down to get a broad match based upon your search. For example, entering "accounting payroll" into Keywords and choosing "Any Words" from drop down returns any job related to accounting or payroll.

Use the "All Words" drop down to get a more narrow match based upon your search. For example, entering "accounting payroll" into Keywords and choosing "All Words" from drop down returns only jobs related to accounting and payroll.

Use "Exact Phrase" drop down to get the most narrow match based upon your search. For example, entering "peachtree accounting" into Keywords and choosing "Exact Phrase" from drop down returns only jobs where job description or job requirements exactly match the entered phrase.

Use "Boolean Search" drop down to get more flexibility in your search capabilities. For example, entering "accounting and not payroll" into Keywords and choosing "Boolean Search" from drop down returns only jobs related to accounting that have no references to payroll.

Q: How do I contact a Job Seeker once I've viewed their Resume/Qualification Summary?
A: Click on the title of the resume you are interested in. At the top of the page above the resume you will see a form that says "Send this user an inquiry." Enter the text of the message, and hit submit. The user will receive notification that there is an inquiry on their resume. Be sure to include complete directions on how they should contact you if interested.

Q: I've contacted a resume using the inquiry feature. Why hasn't the inquiry status changed when I see that resume in the applicant database?
A: An Inquiry represents a request that you have made to a job applicant. Once they've selected interested or not interested, this will appear in the inquiry status field. At any time, you may view a history of all your inquiries, on the 'Inquiry History' page. This page is found by clicking 'Inquiry Responses', then 'View Inquiry History'. Once a user has replied, your will then see their response on the 'Inquiry Responses' page. That page list the 10 most recent inquiry responses indicating whether the applicant is interested in hearing from you or not.

Q: How do I reply back to an interested Job Seeker?
A: Same as when you originally contacted the Job Seeker. Click on the title of the resume you are interested in. At the top of the page above the resume you will see a form that says "Send this user an inquiry." Enter the text of the message, and hit submit. The user will receive notification that there is an inquiry on their resume. Be sure to include complete directions on how they should contact you if interested.


Q: What is a Company Profile?
A: A Company Profile is where you can showcase your company's history, message, web site, general contact information, and a link to all of your active jobs listed on! Job seekers (both local and out of state) use to research companies and the job market. That's why we've upgraded Company Profiles. Potential candidates can now visit the Company Profile Database and learn more about your company, even if you don't have any active job openings! For more information, click here.


Q: How do I edit my Company Profile?
A: Log in to your "My Home" on Click the link for 'My Company' from the menu bar. You will see the name of your company. Click 'edit' next to the title. From here you will be able to make any changes you need to. Be sure to hit 'submit' so the changes will take effect. You must first be the administrator of the account. If you do not see the 'edit' tab, you are not currently the administrator. If you should be, please contact us at and we will assist you.


Q: How do I add our Company logo, corporate photos, and/or our Employment Application on the site? As a Premiere subscriber, it is included in our fee.
A: As a premiere level subscriber, you have the ability to upload the files on the "Add Company Logo/Images" page, found by logging into your Home page.

- Login to your Home page,
- Choose "Company Profiles", the 3rd option in the gray bar on the left,
- Choose Add Company Logo/Images, the link at very bottom center page.

Once on the "Add Company Logo/Images" page, you will be given details on:
- Where they will appear
- How to Upload Images
- File Size Restrictions

You must first be the administrator of the account. If you do not see the Add Company Logo/Images link, you are not currently the administrator. If you should be, please contact us at and we will assist you.'s mission is to help job seekers find real, local, jobs in Connecticut and reach their career goals.

With, job seekers can conveniently search jobs by location, category, duration, and more. Users can also browse jobs by category and/or city. All employment opportunities are conveniently organized to facilitate the search of jobs - including full-time, part-time and temporary positions, as well as seasonal and volunteer work. Job seekers can save their custom search preferences, and even choose to receive automated Job Alert emails on a daily or weekly basis. is Connecticut's number one resource for job seekers and employers, offering insightful advice and articles through our award-winning newsletters and social media channels. is actively involved in the communities we serve, partnering with local chambers of commerce, sports teams, trade associations and career centers, and attending local career fairs and business-to-business events. How Connecticut Gets to Work.